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Apollo rejoins his family
and wants to share Jesus with them!


One of the most beautiful scenes at Hope comes when a child can be safely reunited with their family.

That’s just what’s happened for Apollo, who lived in Hope’s New Mexico home for eight months.

After a long legal process, Apollo has been reunited with his sister, Stormie, and both children have now been adopted by their grandmother.

Just before we said farewell to Apollo, he shared that he wanted to be a blessing to his family and to tell them about his faith in Jesus.

“I don’t think any of my family is saved,” he said. “I want to get them saved and I want to get baptized!”

Across all three of Hope’s campuses, God uses the faith-filled homes you help provide to nurture this kind of spiritual growth in the boys and girls.

It’s been so precious to see Apollo’s vibrant faith take root—and we pray God will keep him walking close to Jesus in the years ahead.

Please pray for Apollo that he will continue to grow spiritually and be a light to his family!

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