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Offering a Fourth Choice

There’s a growing excitement as Hope Children’s Home embarks on a pioneering initiative to protect some of the most the vulnerable children in our society, the born and unborn. The purpose of Bundles of Hope is to give hope to women who find themselves with a “crisis” pregnancy by offering a fourth choice.

Currently, if a woman is in a crisis pregnancy, she has three basic choices: keep the baby, have an abortion, or make an adoption plan. If a woman is unable to keep the baby and turns to abortion, research shows that up to 79% of those women would not choose abortion if they felt they had a viable alternative.

That’s why we want to offer women a fourth choice—to place the baby with Bundles of Hope to give them the chance they need to make necessary life changes—so that they will, in time, be able to bring their baby home. It’s a life-changing and life-saving ministry for both the moms and the babies.

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Hope Children’s Home
Bundles of Hope
Tampa, Florida

11415 Hope International Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625
(813) 961-1214

Most Recent Progress Update

We are currently able to receive babies in our cottages at Hope Children’s Home as we wait for Bundles of Hope to be built, but our space is very limited.

Construction Status: The engineers are hard at work preparing for the building and development permits.

Please pray the next phase of permitting can be submitted and approved quickly, so we can begin to build!

Text BUNDLES to 31363 to receive updates or at the button below.

Bundles of Hope in Action

Watch the full-circle story of Elias from the day we picked him up to when he reunited with his mom!

Vision for Bundles of Hope

Watch and learn about what Bundles of Hope is and how giving moms a fourth choice will work.

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