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Back Together At Last

God has used you to help reunite this beautiful family!

Family reunited in Honduras

Three years ago, the world fell apart for three young siblings in Honduras.

Life had always been tough for Belén, Nicol, and Joel. Their mom was not in the picture, so they were being raised by their grandmother. Their dad, Rony, worked long hours to provide for his family—often going without meals himself so that the children wouldn’t go hungry.

But then tragedy struck when the children’s grandmother suddenly passed away. Rony was desperate. He needed to work, but who would look after Belén, Nicol, and Joel?

Wonderfully, friends like you made it possible to step in to this family’s moment of need, and the three children came to live at Hope.

Family of 3 when they first came to Hope

Soon enough, Belén, Nicol, and Joel began to thrive in the steady, loving, Christ-centered home you help provide at Hope. But it wasn’t just the children in whom God was working…

Rachelle, cottage parent at Hope’s Honduras home, explains…

“We have seen a transformation—not only in the lives of the children, but also in Rony. He began attending church regularly so that he could see his kids, and as a result of hearing the gospel, he began sharing it with others. Every time Rony opened his mouth, it was to praise the Lord!

“The Lord has been so good  and allowed Rony’s path to cross with a wonderful, godly woman! They got married and began a beautiful life together. They prayed for many months [to discern] the Lord’s will for the children.

“So many prayers have been answered, and we’re excited to share that this family is now reunified and serving the Lord together!

“We thank the Lord for what He has done in this sweet family!

“Every person who prays for and supports Hope’s children has played a part in this amazing story. Thank you for helping make this reunification a reality!”


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