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Jennipher is reunited,
with new hope for the future!

Jennipher with her mom

When Jennipher looks back over her childhood, she sees it in two parts: life before Hope… and life ever since! Life before Hope was really hard.

“At home, I always had to be a grown-up figure. I worried about everything. I wasn’t respectful, and I didn’t listen to adults. I knew nothing of God.” 

But then Jennipher arrived at Hope’s New Mexico home while her mom was in a therapy program nearby.

Jennipher’s life would never be the same again.

“Hope taught me a lot of things. I felt comfortable, safe, and they showed me how to have fun. I learned to be a child.”

Jennipher also experienced spiritual transformation during her time at Hope. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was baptized!

Today, Jennipher’s mom is back on her feet and doing well. And wonderfully, mom and daughter have recently been reunited.

Jennipher has returned home with new hope for the future. Most of all, she knows she’s loved and cherished, not only by the family here at Hope, but also by her Heavenly Father.

Jennipher has one simple message for friends like you who’ve helped make this transformation possible:

“Thank you!”

A note from Jennipher

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