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Mary, Maddie, and the Power of Hope!

How you helped rescue these siblings from a broken home and broken hearts

Mary and Maddie came from a broken home where their mom would secretly abuse them and their two other siblings. Their father, who serves in the military, found out about the abuse and his wife’s unfaithfulness.

That’s when Mary and Maddie’s mom walked out on the whole family, leaving their dad and all the kids brokenhearted and confused. He was about to be deployed so he needed someone to care for his children – and soon.

So he brought all four children to Hope where they’d have a loving, stable environment filled with God’s love.

Now, through much prayer and patience, Mary and Maddie are no longer acting out on the anger and disappointment they’ve felt for so long. They’ve accepted Christ as their Savior and are thriving at Hope thanks to God working through the generosity of friends like you!

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