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In Their Own Words

Josh and Chris share their thoughts and thanks for Hope!

At Hope, children are encouraged to express their creativity through words and art – and bravely share those thoughts with others. It’s just one of the many ways these boys and girls can feel seen, known, and fully loved by God and their Hope family – including you!

Watch 10-year old Josh recite his poem, “My Note to Hope.”

Seventeen-year old Chris wrote, “Hope,” to thank God and friends like you for giving him a stable, safe, loving home.


The name of Hope is true
They teach us the Bible and morals through and through.
The people here are sweet and nice.
You can tell God didn’t choose them by rolling the dice.
God sent them here to take care of kids like me
From 12th grade all the way down to those who sit on a knee.
People donate things like plates and knives,
But none of that compares to those here who gave up their lives.
We sing songs like “God has been Good.”
They even teach it to the kids who think they are no good.
I truly have been blessed
Because of Hope’s faith in God and His righteousness.
All we that live here are a family.
We live under prayer and God’s canopy.
My life was on a downward slope,
But from living here, now I have hope.

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