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Meet our November Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!



16 yrs. old on November 1
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Gold, Black, Baby Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets, Chinese Food
Favorite Sport: Volleyball, Basketball
Personality: Loud, Fun, Loving, Helpful
Fun Facts: She has very good handwriting, loves to entertain others, and likes to workout in the gym.


6 yrs. old on November 11
Honduras Home
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Hobbies: Coloring, Playing with his brother, Fernando.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Personality: He keeps everyone laughing with his goofy antics. There is never a dull moment with Angel!
Fun Fact: He is very musical, and anytime music comes on he starts playing the air guitar! 😂


17 yrs. old on November 11
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Black
Things she likes: Watching Movies, Sleeping
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Food: Tortilla Soup
Personality: She loves to be with her friends and joke around. She is learning to be a great leader and is a huge help in the cottage.
Fun Fact: She wants to be a lawyer, is great at soccer and basketball, and loves to be active!


9 yrs. old on November 15
New Mexico Home

Favorite Color: Sky Blue
Things He Likes: Going to baseball games, Riding Dirt Bikes
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Food: Taco Bell
Personality: He is the kind of boy who likes to get stuff done and who enjoys helping people!
Fun Fact: He is the oldest of seven brothers, he recently got saved!


16 yrs. old on November 16
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Things He Likes: Playing Sports, Technology
Things He Likes: Football
Favorite Food: Pasta, Sushi
Personality: Funny, Friendly
Fun Fact: He makes friends super easy.


17 yrs. old on November 16
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Hobbies: Playing Piano
Things She Likes: Music, singing and she loves babies!
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Favorite Food: Gumbo
Personality: She’s sweet and loving.


13 yrs. old on November 17

Florida Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Things She Likes: Playing piano, Singing, Swimming
Favorite Food: Chinese, Tacos
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Personality: She’s sweet and quirky.


9 yrs. old on November 19

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Black
Things He Likes: Playing Velcro Ball, Hide and seek with friends, Playing on the computer
Favorite Food: Pollo Chuco
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Personality: Adalid is very loving and silly. He loves to eat!!!
Fun Fact: He has a new baby brother who he says is adorable!


JadinJADIN L. 
18 yrs. old on November 20
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Salmon & Black
Favorite Hobby: Video Games
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Sport: Basketball 
Personality: Chill and Easy Going



10 yrs. old on November 23
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Favorite Hobby: Riding bikes, Drawing, Coloring 
Things she likes: Playing Hide and Seek, The Greatest Showman 
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Personality: Very outgoing. She loves to meet new people!
Fun Fact: She is very close to her siblings, Kathya and Tigre, and it is fun to watch them goofing off and enjoying time together.


15 yrs. old on November 27
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Pastel Colors
Favorite Hobbies: Coloring, Reading
Favorite Sport: Softball
Favorite Food: Grandma’s Lasagna
Personality: Silly, Caring, Loyal
Fun facts about her: She likes to sing and play the piano.


10 yrs. old on November 27
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Black
Things He Likes: Going to the Mall, playing video games
Favorite Food: Burger King
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Personality: He is very outgoing and never meets a stranger! He is very intelligent and doing great in both English and Spanish.
Fun Fact: He loves to sing and dance!

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