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Meet our November Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!



14 yrs. old on November 1
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Gold & Black
Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets, Gummie Worms, & Purple Doritos
Favorite Sport: Volleyball & Basketball
Favorite Hobbies: Eating & Playing Sports
Personality: She would tell you that’s she’s crazy and loud, and we would agree with that! She’s always the life of the party!


9 yrs. old on November 7
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Hobby: Any activities outside
Favorite Food: McDonald’s
Personality: She’s silly, outgoing, and funny!


4 yrs. old on November 11
Honduras HomeThings he Likes: Legos & Airplanes
Favorite Hobbies: Singing & Dancing
Favorite Food: Anything Honduran
Personality: He’s the life of the cottage! Everyone loves him, and he loves the attention!



15 yrs. old on November 11
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Favorite Hobby: Gymnastics & Drawing
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Personality: She’s shy but liked to have fun!


14 yrs. old on November 16
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Hobby: Playing Video Games
Favorite Snack: Mike and Ikes
Personality: He’s kind, outgoing, friendly, passionate…..oh and he wanted to add that he’s smart and handsome!


15 yrs. old on November 16
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Black & White
Favorite Hobby: Singing & Decorating
Favorite Food: Cajun Food
Personality: She’s bubbly, happy, and sometimes, a little shy.


7 yrs. old on November 19

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Things He Likes: Paper Airplanes & Spiderman
Favorite Food: Baleadas
Favorite Sport: Soccer


JadinJADIN L. 
16 yrs. old on November 20
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Salmon, Black, Red
Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with friends
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Sport: Basketball & Soccer
Personality: He’s a pretty chill guy who cares about people and has a soft spot for our littler children.


17 yrs. old on November 21
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, fishing
Favorite Food: Gummy Bears, Mac & Cheese, Chocolate
Favorite Sports: Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
Fun facts about her: She lived in England for six years, and she used to do competitive swimming.
Personality: She’s always acting goofy, bubbly, and laughing!



8 yrs. old on November 23
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Hobby: Doing gymnastics with the girls, Playing dress up, Jumping on the trampoline
Things she likes: Anything Princess!
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Soccer & Gymnastics
Personality: She’s very bubbly and loves to cuddle!


8 yrs. old on November 27
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Hobby: Singing and dancing, Jumping on the trampoline
Favorite Food: Anything with Rice!
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Personality: He’s outgoing, doesn’t meet a stranger, and loves showing off his new English skills. He also loves pretending to be a pastor.


17 yrs. old on November 30
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Grayish Blue
Favorite Hobby: Coloring, Playing volleyball, Reading
Favorite Sport: Volleyball & Basketball
Favorite Food: Biscuits & Gravy
Fun Facts about her: She loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches, she wants to go into the medical field and play volleyball in college.
Personality: She’s a fun, kind, and caring girl who is alway willing to help anyone.

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