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Meet our Newest Children

Our Hope family is growing, and we wanted to introduce you to our newest children in Florida and Honduras.

At our Florida home, 14-yr-old Ahna joined us from Indianapolis, Indiana. She enjoys being outside, loves coffee, and likes to have fun.

Daleigh is 12 years old from South Carolina. She is actually a sibling to one of our current children, Ayden. It has been a joy to see them reunited!

At our Honduras home, we have welcomed two new families of three totaling six new children!

Josue David (9), Abi (7), Dilan’s (4) mom had her first child at age fourteen, and dad is an alcoholic and not around. They have never been to school, so please specifically pray for this as there will be a hard road ahead getting them on track academically.

Mauricio (11), Asly (9) Jeferson (5) are from a nearby neighborhood. Their mom and dad were gone majority of the day leaving them to freely wander around being watched by an older teenage sibling. This family is also severely behind in school.

Please pray for all of these children as they settle into their new home.

As our family grows, there’s an even greater need to bridge the $125,000 gap before our financial year ends on June 30. Please consider giving a gift today.

Thank you for your love and support to help boys and girls believe again!

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Want to provide for some of the children’s needs?
Visit our Immediate Needs Page to see the needs for each location.