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Meet our March Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!

21 yrs. old on March  14
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Things she Likes: Spending time with friends
Personality: She’s kind and responsible. The kids know they can go to her, and she will always be willing to help
Fun Fact: Kathya has persevered through so much over the years and is so excited to graduate high school! The Lord has something really special planned her future!



4 yrs. old on March  15
New Mexico Home

Favorite Color: Red
Things he likes: Playing on his scooter and on the playground. He also loves learning his letters and numbers.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Personality: He is silly, curious, sweet, and cuddly. His smile is absolutely contagious!



8 yrs. old on March 16

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Red & Orange
Things he Likes: Spiderman, Watching Veggie Tales, and Playing Rocket League
Favorite Sport: Football – He has a great arm!
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Personality: Mateo is super silly and loves to make us laugh!
Fun Fact: The other boys in the house said that they like Mateo because he is kind with them and really cool to hang out with. ☺️


13 yrs. old on March 25
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Orange
Things she likes: Playing Hide and Seek, Anything creative
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Baleadas
Personality: Melissa has such a sweet personality; she is a great “big sis” and a big help to Tia Diana as the oldest girl in the cottage!
Fun Fact: She likes to clean her room because sometimes the girls leave it dirty, and she can’t sleep very well when it’s not clean!


11 yrs. old on March 28
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Blue & Orange
Favorite Hobbies: Playing on his Ripstick, Playing outside
Favorite Games: Football, Basketball, Dutch Blitz
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers and Root Beer Floats
Personality: Quiet, Fun, Smart
Fun Fact: He’s very athletic!


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