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Meet our July Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!


11 yrs. old on July 2
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Blue & Red
Favorite Food: Pizza, Oatmeal, Biscuits & Gravy, Nachos
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Things she Likes: Going to the beach, Painting
Personality: Fun, outgoing, and full of energy!



9 yrs. old on July 4

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Things she Likes: Playing with cars
Personality: Silly, Outgoing, Sweet
Fun Fact: He is so smart! He can read really well and excels in his classes. He’s also great at soccer!


9 yrs. old on July 4

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken from Popeyes
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Things he Likes: Playing with Legos
Personality: Shy and sweet
Fun Fact: He is very creative and loves to build


16 yrs. old on July 9

New Mexico Home

Favorite Color: Pastel Yellow
Favorite Food: Takis, Purple Doritos, Tropical Starburst
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Volleyball
Things she Likes: Reading, Coloring, Drawing, Talking!
Personality: Loud, Funny, Bouncy, Gullible, Laughs easily!
Fun Fact: “I LOVE to read!”


9 yrs. old on July 24

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Things he Likes: Swimming, Loves to run and play outside.
Personality: Outgoing, he has the best smile around!
Fun Fact: He is an awesome goalie!


9 yrs. old on July 24

Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: McDonalds
Things she Likes: Playing Piano, Swimming, Broadway Musicals
Personality: Happy, Silly, Helpful
Fun Fact: She’s loves school.


11 yrs. old on July 28

Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken with Tajada Chips
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Things she Likes: Watching tv, Cleaning, Cooking
Personality: Outgoing, Leader, Big imagination, Grateful
Fun Fact: She learned English in a year and speaks very well!

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