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Meet our January Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!



10 yrs. old on January 2
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Food: Shrimp & Cheeseburgers
Favorite Sport: Football
Things he Likes: Baking, Fishing, and Adventures
Personality: He is kind, funny, and so caring for his little brother, Theo.


12 yrs. old on January 2
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Blue & White
Favorite Hobbies: Going to the beach, Hanging out with friends, Playing card games
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Volleyball
Favorite Snacks: Pringles, Cool Ranch Doritos, Salt & Vinegar Chips
Personality: Outgoing and silly!
Fun Fact: “I am from Durango, Colorado, and I’m obsessed with snowboarding.”


13 yrs. old on January 13
Tampa Home
Favorite Color: Yellow
Things he Likes: Legos
Favorite Hobby: Repurposing items. Taking an object and turning it into something totally different.
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Food: Pizza
Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Loving



AlijahALIJAH D. 
4 yrs. old on January 17
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Blue
Things he Likes: Paw Patrol, Dinosaurs
Favorite Food: Eggs
Personality: He is a comedian and will for sure make you laugh!
Fun fact about her: He has an excellent memory, especially with names!


11 yrs. old on January 21
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: White
Favorite Hobbies: Gymnastics/Dance, Karate, Playing with their pet bunnies
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
Personality: Bubbly and goofy, loves to have fun and play with her friends.
Fun Fact: She loves to put on shows in the cottage with the other girls. They come up with a fun dance to their favorite song and perform for everyone, especially when there is a birthday in the cottage!


18 yrs. old on January 25
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Favorite Hobbies: Playing violin, Reading, Making bracelets
Favorite Sport: Soccer (of course!)
Favorite Food: Anything Honduran
Personality: Loves to joke around and have fun with her friends, servant hearted and sporty.
Fun Fact: After she graduates, she wants to go to Pensacola Christian College to study medicine.


17 yrs. old on January 26
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Pink & Black
Things she likes: Singing, Rollerblading
Favorite Food: Dill pickle chips, Cheddar Pringle’s, and Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Sport: Volleyball, Baseball
Personality: Goofy and outgoing, but shy when she gets in front of people.
Fun Fact: She has a great singing voice! Her favorite season is winter.


17 yrs. old on January 31
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Black & Gold
Favorite Sport: Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football
Things she likes: Sports, Traveling, Photography
Favorite Food: All of it!
Personality: Very sweet, funny, organized, diligent with her schoolwork

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