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Meet our December Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!



9 yrs. old on December 1
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Takis
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Things she Likes: Art, American Girl
Personality: This girl keeps us laughing and has a flare for drama! She also wanted to add “I am good at art. I have a big imagination!”


18 yrs. old on December 6
Honduras Home

Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Hobby: Working out
Things he Likes: Playing piano, baking, reading
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Food: Waffles with mayo and mustard
Personality: Outgoing and always joking around!


14 yrs. old on December 21
Tampa Home
Favorite Color: Pastel colors
Things she Likes: calligraphy, shopping, going to the beach
Favorite Hobby: Sketching
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Favorite Food: Burritos, Gummy bears, Skittles
Personality: Crazy and goofy!



15 yrs. old on December 21
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Black & White
Favorite Hobby: Piano and going to the beach
Favorite Sports: Volleyball & Basketball
Favorite Food: Chinese & Mexican
Personality: Very smart, sweet, and loves to be silly
Fun fact about her: She is not only ahead in school as a junior in high school, but she is also taking college courses already!


7 yrs. old on December 31
Tampa Home

Favorite Color: Light Blue & Pink
Things she likes: Playing with baby dolls, building Legos, and coloring.
Favorite Snack: Eggs, Marshmallows, Ice Cream, and Lollipops
Personality: Very sweet, super friendly, silly and always smiling!
Fun Fact: She wanted to share that she can climb trees and is really good at monkey bars!

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