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Meet our April Birthdays

Get to know our children celebrating birthdays with a few fun facts about each of them!

14 yrs. old on April 10

Florida Home

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
Favorite Hobbies: Climbing Trees
Things she Likes: Monster Drinks, Subway
Personality: She is very shy and funny
Fun Fact: She’s from Alaska!

16 yrs. old on April 25

New Mexico Home

Favorite Color: Dark Green, Navy Blue, Purple
Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo
Favorite Sport: Soccer, Volleyball
Things he Likes: Playing the piano, Learning new things
Personality: Timothy is sweet and loves to socialize. He has a lot of sass and loves to laugh!
Fun Fact: He’s working on getting his permit.


9 yrs. old on April 27

Florida Home

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Game: Minecraft
Things he Likes: Legos, Rollerskating, Swimming
Personality: Super Smart, Quiet, Silly


11 yrs. old on April 28
Florida Home

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Cheeburgers
Favorite Hobbies: Riding bikes, Swimming
Things he Likes: Legos, Basketball
Personality: Silly, Funny, He likes to tell jokes!


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