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Meet Beautiful Belle


It’s always a joy when new children become part of the Hope family. And it’s your support that makes it happen.

Yes, thanks to friends like you, our Tampa home has recently been able to welcome 8-year-old Belle from Colorado.

Already, Belle is enjoying being at Hope, and it’s been wonderful to see her playing and dancing with the other children. In fact, Belle says her favorite thing about Hope so far has been the chance to make lots of new friends.

We asked Belle to tell you a few more of her favorites…

  • FAVORITE FOOD? “Burger King.”
  • FAVORITE COLOR? “Pink and purple.”
  • FAVORITE HOBBY? “Going places.”

As with every new arrival, these early days are a big adjustment for Belle—so please keep her in your prayers as she continues to settle in. Let’s pray that through the steady love and support she receives at Hope, Belle will come to know her true beauty in God’s sight!

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