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Introducing our newest cottage in Tampa, the “Kforce Cottage!”

God is doing great things through Hope, and you’re part of it!

◽️ A note from Dr. Mike Higgins

When I look around the bustling and happy home here at Hope, there’s one word that always springs to mind: partnership.

That’s because everything that happens here comes about through the generosity of friends like you—friends who have a heart for vulnerable children and the dedication to make a difference.

One of those special partnerships began back in May of 2001. We’d just set up a school computer lab for the Hope children, only to have thieves break in and steal all the equipment. We were devastated.

That’s when Kforce—a respected staffing agency based about 15 miles from Hope Children’s Home here in Tampa—stepped up. We were blown away when Ray Morganti, Chairperson of Kforce’s Stewardship Committee, offered not only to replace the stolen equipment, but also to bless us with even more than we’d started with. Isn’t that just how the Lord works?

From that time on, Kforce has invested in Hope in so many ways—from providing monthly birthday parties for the children to building playgrounds and sponsoring a Hope cottage in 2011.

At the helm of Kforce is Dave Dunkel, a man who loves the Lord and loves blessing others in His name. Not long ago, Dave asked me to stop by his office. After giving him some updates about Hope, Dave asked me about our needs. I told him we had a vision for three new cottages…

Handing me a very generous check, Dave smiled, “Now you only need two. Let’s get this done because God is doing great things through Hope!”

Work began on the new Kforce Cottage last year, and despite the challenges of COVID-19 it’s now complete! And the new cottage opens at just the right time, as right now we have a full waiting list of children needing to come into our care.

Now with five beautiful cottages completed—and soon to be six—I am reminded that the Kforce Cottage is more than just another building… it’s an opportunity for a child’s life to be forever changed. I am so thankful for those who not only see the need but choose to do something about it. “And of some have compassion, making a difference” (Jude 1:22).


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