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Clayton Got Saved and Baptized!

Just a few weeks after coming to Hope Children’s Home in New Mexico, 8-year-old Clayton gave his life to Jesus. “I know that I’m going to go to heaven!” he said afterward, beaming.

Before coming to Hope, Clayton didn’t know what “being saved” meant. But after attending church with others from Hope, he heard the gospel—and he realized he was a sinner.

After junior church one Sunday, he went forward to speak with an adult about getting saved.

They shared Romans 10:13 with him: “…Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Watch as Clayton shares about the day he got saved.

Every little life—like Clayton’s—that has come to know Christ at Hope Children’s Home is because friends like you helped open the door to salvation.

And soon after, he was baptized too!

Clayton got baptized!

Thank you for making an eternal difference to so many boys and girls!

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