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Wilson's Story

He was alone and scared until he was reunited with his siblings at Hope!

Wilson, just four years old, knocked on a neighbor’s door.

When they answered, he asked if he could stay with them for the night—he didn’t want to be alone again.

He was scared.

The neighbors, who are church members where Hope Children’s Home attends, welcomed him in.

They knew Wilson’s four siblings—Mauricio, Asly, Pahola, and Jeferson—had been taken in by Hope Children’s Home a few months earlier because they were often left alone for long periods while their parents worked.

When houseparents Bayron and Díana found out that Wilson was now being neglected and needed a home, they sprang into action.

They quickly rearranged the boys’ room at Hope to make room for Wilson—soon he was reunited with his siblings and given a safe place to call home.

Today, all five children have structure, direction, and love—and they’re thriving.


Instead of being separated into different homes, they’re happily living together at Hope.


Wilson's family

Wilson’s contagious smile lights up every room he walks into, and all the siblings are improving daily in school and learning to serve one another.

The biggest difference is having Christ in their lives.

With the help of friends like you, they’re starting to understand just how loved they are by their Heavenly Father–thank you!

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