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Salvation Stories

Salvation stories

In their own words...stories of salvation YOU helped write!

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation is made available to all people of all ages. And what a blessing when a precious child enters into a relationship with God through Christ at an early age!

That’s the opportunity you give children through your support to help Hope Children’s Home welcome more boys and girls into loving, Christ-centered homes where the message of Jesus is proclaimed loud and clear.

And we want to share what some of these children said about their salvation experience and the difference it’s made in their life…

TheoTHEO, age 10 — Florida

I was sitting on the couch in the Oliver cottage; Uncle Josh talked to me about how to get saved. I was either 4 or 5, and I got saved that day. Now, I get to go to heaven, and I don’t have to worry about hell!

AprilAPRIL, age 11 — New Mexico

I saw another girl get saved and it made me think about salvation and my need to get saved. I didn’t know anything about God before coming to Hope. Being saved has changed my life. I can follow God’s way, and it has helped me with my attitude.

ClaytonCLAYTON, age 10 — New Mexico

I got saved on a Sunday, two days before my 9th birthday. I felt I had a big empty spot, that’s why I got saved. I did not know anything about God before coming to Hope. Being saved means everything to me. Being saved changed my view of the world.

MelissaMELISSA, age 12 — Honduras

I wanted to know that I would be with Christ when I die, I understood that I am a sinner and needed Jesus. Before Hope, I sometimes attended church and heard stories about Jesus, but I only knew a little.

Now, because I am saved, I feel happy, and I’m confident that I am safe in the care of Jesus. The way I talk has changed. I sing praise songs during the day. I know that what matters is what God thinks of me!

JoshJOSH, age 14 — New Mexico

I was saved on a Sunday morning during Sunday school when I was 10. I knew I needed the Lord in my life. Before coming to Hope, I knew that God is the one true God, He died on the cross for our sins, and He did a lot of miracles.

My relationship with God means I get to spend time with Him and live eternally with Him. Being saved has changed me, made me better, and changed the way I think about stuff.

ElyjahELYJAH, age 8 — Florida

I got saved when I prayed while I was in the Sanders cottage in my bed. I wanted Jesus in my heart, and now I know I’m going to heaven!

JesseJESSE, age 10 — Florida

When I was nine, I remember I was going outside and asked my friend how to get saved. He said all I had to do was pray to God and ask him to save me from my sins. I had been mad all my life, and I stopped being mad when I found Jesus.

KevinKEVIN, age 13 — Florida

Being saved means having one parent is enough and having Jesus as a spiritual dad to talk to even when I don’t have one. It means having a relationship with someone who knows all about my life.

Thank you for all you do as together we partner to help more children believe again and enter into a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

To receive updates about the children including when they get saved, Text HOPE to 31363

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