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Making Beautiful Music

NM Children playing instruments

The children's God-given talents are springing into life in New Mexico!

At Hope Children’s Home, our goal is not only to provide for each child’s necessary needs, but to go above and beyond to help reclaim some of their missed childhood experiences.

Each child possesses different God-given talents and skills and, with your support, we love to cultivate those gifts and see them flourish!

At our New Mexico location, a generous friend has made it possible to do just that, with four children being gifted music lessons in either piano or guitar.

It’s beautiful to see them growing in confidence and joy in the skills they’re learning.

Timothy likes playing the piano because he believes it will make it easier for him to also learn other instruments. He really enjoys making music and he finds it comforting when he’s feeling sad or stressed.

“It’s such a nice skill to have. I also enjoy teaching people, so it’s an opportunity to serve the Lord and others.” 

Clayton chose piano because he knew he could practice at home and he thought the sheet music looked really interesting.

His favorite thing is that there’s always something new to learn, and he’s excited to have a skill for life.


April’s favorite part about learning piano is her teacher, who likes to make lessons fun by playing games and telling jokes, her favorite way to learn!

She has really enjoyed making new friends in class and is excited to learn to play her favorite songs.


Casidee chose to learn guitar because she’s interested in learning other stringed instruments as well and knew the guitar would be a great place to start. She also loves that she can bring her instrument with her whenever she wants to play.

“Recitals are fun because they give me a chance to be brave. I love that feeling.” 

Equipping children with these kinds of skills is just one of the powerful ways you help their hurting hearts believe again— in themselves, in their futures, and in the love of their Heavenly Father.

Thank you for your support which makes this holistic care possible!

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