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After bouncing around from home to foster care, Maddie found safety and God's love at Hope.

Family is meant to be a place of love, of caring, and of safety.

Sadly, for many children like Maddie, family seems like anything but safe and loving.

When she was first removed from an abusive home and placed in Hope Children’s Home in Florida in 2015, she caught her first glimpse of what God designed family to be.

Maddie Young
8 yrs old

Not only that, but Maddie met Jesus at Hope, and shortly after she arrived, she professed her faith in Christ. Eventually, Maddie left Hope and went into a foster home, but as can be the case with children in foster care, her journey had its ups and downs.

Twice she was returned to her family, only to experience more abuse.

And yet, even in those times, God was working in Maddie’s life, and working through Hope Children’s Home to show her what love and family were truly meant to be.

Now looking back, Maddie says that she didn’t really come to know the Lord until 2021, when she was taken out of Hope for the second time. After once again suffering abuse from those who were meant to love and care for her, she had a life-changing realization…

“I quickly realized the only person who could ever truly love and care for me was God.”

In her darkest moment, she turned to God. Maddie shares…

“I knew at this point what I needed to do in order to be saved. So, I begged God to not only save me from my situation, but to save me from what should’ve been my eternity… hell.”

Shortly after coming to Christ, Maddie was again placed at Hope by the state. God had answered her prayer—both for rescue from her family and for eternal salvation and security in Jesus.

And He did more than that. Through Hope Children’s Home, Maddie was able to experience the loving, Christ-centered home God intended for her.

As she’s grown in her walk with the Lord, Maddie has realized something profound. She says…

“I now have a bigger family than I ever could have imagined!”

Maddie on the volleyball team

Maddie in a play Maddie with Friends

Thank you for helping write stories of healing, hope, and salvation for so many like Maddie through your partnership with Hope Children’s Home.

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