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Johanna’s Reunification


Another success reunification–although unique to some of the other stories.

When a boy or girl comes to Hope Children’s Home, it can be for a variety of reasons—a broken home, a death, a social services crisis… or sometimes, just the need for more structure.

That’s Johanna’s story.

Adopted by an older couple when she was young, she grew up independent and strong, and for a period of time, the couple’s health struggles left them unable to give her the care and structure she truly needed.

But thanks to friends like you, the door at Hope in New Mexico opened for 16-year-old Johanna.

The months she spent at Hope gave her structure and a renewed hope for her future.

Today, Johanna has been reunited with her parents, but the lessons she learned at Hope continue to guide and encourage her.

When hurting children and teens learn about God in a structured, healthy environment, they’re able to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually—and it changes their entire outlook on life.

Before leaving, Johanna shared…

“At Hope, I have definitely grown in a lot of areas. I feel like I am closer to God now than I was a year ago and being in a closer relationship with God has helped me have a better outlook on life.


“I’ve become more focused on others and how I can help them grow instead of focusing just on myself. This has helped me to be more healthy emotionally.”

Thank you for helping young hearts like Johanna’s believe again—in a better life, a promising future, and most importantly, in a God who loves them.

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