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Honduras Family One-year Update

Your investment was life-changing for not only the children and their family, but also those they are now impacting!

When a family falls apart, too often the children pay the heaviest price.

That’s what happened to Belen, Nicol, and Joel when their dearly loved grandmother passed away.

Their father adored them, but simply couldn’t care for them. So the three children left home and came to live at Hope Children’s Home in Honduras.

Day they came to Hope
Day they came to Hope in 2020

But thanks to you and your prayers, God used that heartbreaking situation to renew the entire family!

Rony, the children’s father, began attending church so he could continue to see his children—and God radically transformed his life!

Rony began sharing the gospel with everyone he knew including preaching. He was on fire for the Lord!

Soon, he met a godly woman, and they were married.

The first thing they wanted to do was to bring Belen, Nicol, and Joel back home—and they did!

The family was happily reunited in September 2022. Now, a year later, their new mother is homeschooling the children so they can continue to receive a quality Christian education.

Joel trusted Christ as his Savior and has been baptized! And the entire family enjoys serving the community together through feeding programs and sharing the gospel.


As a special blessing, Belen, Nicol, and Joel like to come by Hope to visit. Nicol even requested a very “tall” cake for her birthday so she could share it with all her friends at Hope!

Tall CakeWith their friends at Hope
What started as heartbreak has turned into a beautiful story of hope—thanks to your generosity.

God worked through your prayers and now it’s a wonderful encouragement to see these children and their loving parents faithfully serving the Lord as a family!

I want to make an impact on more families ▶︎

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