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Hailey’s Story

Hailey's Story

Home is a place where you’re known—and loved. And thanks to friends like you, 12-year-old Hailey feels like she’s home today. But she didn’t always feel this way.

When Hailey was barely a year old, her father walked out on their family. Her mother, too distraught to care for a 14-month-old alone, nearly left Hailey in the care of strangers.

At the last minute, she called Hailey’s grandmother with a surprise ultimatum: take Hailey in—or put her in foster care.

Then she disappeared… Though stricken with pneumonia, Hailey’s grandmother welcomed the toddler into her home.

She did her best to raise this beautiful little girl, but last year her declining health forced her to bring Hailey to Hope Children’s Home.

Before coming to Hope, Hailey had struggled in school and with her behavior. But since settling in at her new home, Hailey’s life has turned around. Hailey shares…

“I have been at Hope for a year now. Hope has really impacted my life and has become a special place to me.

“I have drawn closer to the Lord since I came to Hope, and I have made real improvements in school and in my behavior.” 

This kind of transformation is only possible because of friends like you. It’s thanks to your prayers and loving support that Hailey feels like Hope Children’s Home is home today.

Because of you, today she can smile and say…

“What Hope means to me is a big family because I love the people here and I know that they love me.”

Thank you for opening the door for Hailey to experience this kind of Christ-centered care that makes her feel known and loved.

You helped give her the home—and the family—she needs.

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