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After seven years of disappointment and being passed around, heartbreak turned to hope!

As a 3-month-old baby, Gracee was taken from her mother and sent to live with her father—in his car.

For the next nine months, she almost never left her car seat. When Gracee was finally rescued and placed in foster care, the back of her head was flat. She needed therapy for her poorly developed legs.

In foster care, Gracee found her forever home…almost.

Her foster mom adopted her—but then began her own personal struggles with stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Gracee wanted to believe things with her foster mom would work out…

But they didn’t.

It never turned into the happy ending everyone had hoped for. When Gracee tells her story, she finishes it like this:

“My mom didn’t want me, so she brought me to Hope—never to return and never to get into contact with me ever again.”

That’s just too much heartbreak for one child to bear.

Thankfully, in the four years Gracee has been at Hope Children’s Home Florida, her life has radically changed.

She doesn’t have to bear the weight of that heartbreak alone—it’s being lifted by all the love she now knows.

Today, her house parents, Julian and Lace, light up when they talk about her:

“Gracee is a fun girl, full of energy. She enjoys playing tennis and spending quality time with people. Gracee is growing every day in her responsibilities and leadership skills in the cottage. She’s a great kid!”

When asked about her life at Hope now, Gracee says,

“I love it! It’s sooooooo much fun!”

She feels loved becausepeople tuck me in at night and teach me a lot of new things!”

So many children are struggling under the weight of heartbreak that isn’t their fault.

But thanks to wonderful friends like you, through your support, they find the help and the hope they desperately need at Hope Children’s Home.

More than that, they find the never-ending love of their Heavenly Father!

Thank you for giving so more children like Gracee can have a safe, loving home.

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