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Evelyn & Wilson

Evelyn & Wilson

These siblings struggled when separated from their single mother, but found a safe haven together at Hope.

Extreme poverty, violent crime, food insecurity, water-borne disease. These are just a few of the struggles facing families in Honduras.

And no one suffers more than the children.

That’s why your support to sustain and supply Hope Children’s Home Honduras has such a life-changing impact in young lives.

Just ask Evelyn and Wilson…

At 12 and 8 years old, Evelyn and Wilson came to live at Hope because their single mother could not provide for them.

Roughly 60% of the population of Honduras live in poverty, and the income opportunities for a single mother are less than scarce.

Evelyn & Wilson

As Evelyn shared, “My mom needed help so she could provide a safe place for my brother and me to live.”

And she found that help at Hope’s ten-acre home in El Progreso, thanks to your support!

Separated from their mom and unsure of their surroundings, the children struggled at first.

Wilson lashed out in anger, while Evelyn withdrew from the other children. But over time, the Christ-centered love the siblings received at Hope took root in their hearts and transformed their lives.

After hearing a powerful testimony at a ladies’ activity at church, Evelyn realized that she needed Christ in her life and got saved! Her brother Wilson made the same decision about a year later!

Today, you would hardly recognize them as the same kids.

Wilson is such a sweet boy who is always ready to give a hug or help out where there’s a need. Evelyn enjoys spending time with others and is doing great in school. She’s even being discipled by a sweet woman at church!

The transformation has been incredible, but don’t take our word for it, read their words for yourself…

Conversation with Evelyn & Wilson

How have you liked living at Hope?
EVELYN: I love that it gives me opportunities in my life.
WILSON: I love living here!

What do you like best about Hope?
WILSON: I love to watch movies and play with my friends. I get to go to school and am learning math and social studies.

How do the people at Hope make you feel?
EVELYN: They make me feel loved.

What does Hope mean to you?
WILSON: A chance to grow. When I lived at home, I used bad words and misbehaved. But I learned that Jesus was nice, and I should be nice too!
EVELYN: It feels like having a family!

Thank you for transforming the lives of children in Honduras!

I want to help more children like Evelyn & Wilson

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