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Elvin shares how ten years living at Hope in Honduras completely changed the direction of his life.

For 20-year-old Elvin, moving to Hope Children’s Home Honduras when he was 10 years old opened doors to opportunities he could have never imagined.

As a small child, Elvin lived with his family in a neighborhood not far from Hope’s campus. Then, in spring of 2012, he learned Hope would become his new home.

“I was excited, nervous, and sad about coming to Hope, but
I knew it was for the best. I was received with opened arms and so much love.”


At Hope, Elvin learned to begin each day with personal devotions, establishing a lifelong walk with Jesus. He also learned to play the piano and cook, and most importantly, to serve others.

At school, Elvin learned to read and write in Spanish—and in English. That opened the door for him to translate for medical missions teams. And that opened another exciting door in his life: college.


This fall, he’ll be attending Pensacola Christian College in Florida to study nursing. Elvin shares,

“As a nurse, I’ll be able to serve God and help others, by not only getting to help with their physical needs but spiritual as well.

“Please pray for me as I’ll be transitioning from life at Hope to life at college, as well as life in a different country and culture.”

Elvin knows all the blessings in his life are from God—and that God used friends like you to make them possible. He wants you to know:

“My life has been changed because of Hope; I was given hope, love, and a family.


“Hope has changed my life, but so have you. It’s because of you and your prayers and support that Hope can help many kids like me.”

We’re so thankful for the partnership of friends like you as we together see more lives like Elvin’s transformed. Thank you!

I want to help more children like Elvin ▶︎

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