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Eliana with her family

After finding Jesus and healing at Hope, Eliana is now married and raising her children with the godly principles she's learned here.

Eliana came to Hope in 2004 after already enduring incredibly tough times.

She was born in Colombia, South America and at the age of five, her life changed forever when she woke up to gunfire in her village.

All the adults were murdered including her parents that night leaving her and her two siblings alone.

Soon after, she and her siblings were adopted and brought to America. Over the next few years, Eliana experienced depression, nightmares, and day terrors from her past. She was also struggling to bond with her new family.

She needed a change–that’s when her family found Hope Children’s Home.

Eliana shares,

“I had a hard time adjusting to my new surroundings and my new family. So Hope Children’s Home was the place that my parents felt was safe for me and that they could bring me here to get better.”

Eliana at Hope

But she soon realized that Jesus was the answer to the deep struggles she was experiencing.

“I got saved on April 18 by one of my house parents. He saw that I was having a hard time during a church service, and he came to me and asked me if I was saved and if I knew where I was going to end up after death.

“After a few minutes of thinking about it, I realized, no, I don’t.

“And that’s when I said, I want to know and I want to make sure that I am going to heaven.

“I got saved right there with him! And that was one of the most precious moments of being at Hope.  I also grew to learn who I am, and what I wanted to be when I got older.”

Now, Eliana is married and serves at her church with her husband.

Eliana and her husband

“My husband and I are now youth teachers in our church and we are helping with teenagers too.

“As I remember growing up with a lot of brothers and sisters at Hope, you’re in a room with five to six people in a room and you become a family. And I think I brought that to the teens in our church as they are my children. And I want to see them grow to be closer to the Lord.”

She’s also a mom to two beautiful girls, and she is now able to instil in them the things she learned at Hope.

Eliana's daughters

“I learned at Hope to have daily devotions. It’s important, and I want my children to have that as well.  My daily time with God is essential for every day. It’s important for me as a mother to to be an example to my kids.

“Another thing that I feel like Hope has prepared me is the importance of family vacation or family time. Hope always made sure that we had a really fun time as a family all together. It’s so essential, and that is what Hope is–always trying to embed in us we are a family unit here.”

Eliana with her family on vacation

We are so thankful for Eliana and the godly wife and mother she has become!

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we are seeing generations transformed. Children like Eliana are finding hope in Jesus and learning to believe again. Praise God!

I want to help more children like Eliana

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