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Dixie reunites with her family


Dixie thought her parents' marriage was over and the family was falling apart until God placed her at Hope. Now, they are together again and stronger than ever!

Over and over in the Bible, you’ll find stories of restoration—of lost things being found, and broken lives being healed.

Today Dixie, a precious young lady who spent time in our New Mexico home, and her father both have a deep and personal understanding of God’s restoration.

They watched Him restore their hearts—and their home.

When Dixie was 12, her father and stepmom were struggling in their marriage.

Dixie had had a hard time coping with the tension in their home, so a loving friend of the family—a pastor who was providing the couple with marriage counseling—suggested that Dixie spend some time at Hope.

Then she could have the space to grow and the attention she needed while her parents could focus on repairing their marriage. The plan worked beautifully.

Even though leaving her family to live at Hope wasn’t easy, for Dixie or her parents, it was right.

Today, the marriage has been restored and the entire family has been reunited!

Dixie's Family

Dixie shares,

“I’m so thankful God placed me at Hope Children’s Home because I learned what a real family looks like.”

“Hope means so much to me because they took me in when my family and I really needed help.

“I am just overall thankful that I came here. Hope has taught me important principles in the Bible, that it’s important to keep a good relationship with God and people, even my enemies, and they’ve showed me what it means to love one another.

“I’ve told myself since being here that I want to live for God, and I want His will for my life instead of my own. I just want to say I love everyone at Hope and I’m so thankful for Hope!”

It’s because of friends like you that beautiful words like these are possible—thank you for touching so many lives through your gifts and prayers!

I want to help more children like Dixie ▶︎

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