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Displacement and hard times was the norm for this sweet nine-year-old girl.

Crash! Armed police officers kicked down the door of a known drug dealer’s home.

Inside, people scrambled to escape, yelling as they ran… and a baby’s cries rose loudly above the chaos. In a back room, officers discovered two-year-old Dashi.

She’d been living there with her mother in conditions unfit for anyone—let alone a toddler. Immediately, Dashi was removed and placed with her biological father.

He was in a new relationship and raising two stepchildren with his new wife, completely unaware of the situation his daughter had been living in.

Dashi stayed with her father and stepfamily for six years—but blending so many backgrounds in one home was a struggle.

Eventually, the family began to break apart, and Dashi was at the center of the fallout. Her sudden entrance into the new family had become a source of guilt, conflict, and frustration, and her father needed a break.

He looked for somewhere Dashi could live while he tried to smooth things out with his wife. Hope Children’s Home was the perfect solution.

Today, 9-year-old Dashi loves living here. She enjoys swinging on the playground and talking about God in her small groups at church.

Her cottage parent, Lace, shares…

“Dashi is a fun girl who loves to make people laugh. She’s creative, loves to color and draw, plays outside all the time, and has a sweet and kind heart.


“We enjoy having Dashi in our home and look forward to watching her grow while she’s here at Hope.”

Thank you for giving Dashi the home—and hope—she needs.

She’s endured some difficult days, but you’re helping her discover how to believe in a better life again. More than that, you’re helping her discover life with Jesus.

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