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Casidee’s Salvation Story

Casidee Salvation Story

Casidee found eternal hope in Jesus!

When a child comes through Hope’s doors, they’ve often just been removed from a desperate situation full of uncertainty, fear, and hurt.

For them, any hope for a better future seems distant, at best.

But thanks to generous friends like you, every child who enters into the loving care of a Hope home is given a chance to have hope again. And not just for a better tomorrow—but an eternal hope in Jesus.

That’s what Casidee, age 13, found in the New Mexico home that welcomed her.

Casidee came to Hope from a horrible situation.

Her mother had been abusing alcohol for almost a year, and the trauma had left Casidee in a dark place.

She knew that people believed in God, but she wasn’t so sure herself.

Casidee shares…

“I had my own bad ideas about who God even was and what living was all about. But when I came to [Hope], everything was different.” 

Still, Casidee resisted, unable to release the hurt and pain she’d experienced.

She struggled to trust that there was a God who truly loved her. But God’s relentless love, expressed clearly in the Christ-centered home that cared for her, finally broke through.

She felt the Lord calling and knew she needed something to help pull her out of depression and darkness.

Casidee continues…

God was my last hope…but now He’s my eternal Hope!

“I was saved at the altar on a Wednesday night, and my life has never been the same. God means everything to me.” 

Now she lives with a perfect sense of pure joy that’s not just a momentary happiness, but the promise of a lifetime. And because of the joy and hope she has in Christ, Casidee is finding the strength to heal, to grow, and to forgive…

“Since I got saved, I’ve made good choices, I’m way happier, and I’ve made the choice to resolve issues with family, like my mom, who I never thought I’d be able to forgive.” 

Thanks to friends like you, Casidee has a relationship with God, and hope that never ends. 

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