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Bundles of Hope

Brand-new ministry giving hope to women with a crisis pregnancy and protecting babies.

Bundles of Hope is a pioneering initiative to protect some of the most the vulnerable children in our society, the born and unborn.

The purpose of Bundles of Hope is to give hope to women who find themselves with a “crisis” pregnancy by providing a new alternative.

Currently, if a woman is in a crisis situation, she has three basic choices: keep the child, have an abortion or make an adoption plan. If a woman is unable to keep the child and turns to abortion, research shows that up to 79% of those women would not choose abortion if they felt they had a viable alternative.

That’s why we want to offer women a fourth choice—to place the baby with Bundles of Hope to give them the chance they need to make necessary life changes—so that they will, in time, be able to bring their baby home.

Sadly, that won’t always be possible, so we also have a vision for a brand-new adoption agency—so those babies who aren’t able to return to their birth mothers can be placed into loving, Christian forever homes through at-cost adoptions.

It’s a life-changing, and life-saving, ministry for both the moms and the babies caught in such a situation.

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