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Once a child at Hope herself, Belen now serves as a daycare teacher at Hope Children’s Home.

Belen came to Hope Children’s Home at age six after being removed from a broken home and foster care.

Thanks to friends like you, Belen and her four siblings were welcomed into a safe home where they experienced God’s love and learned valuable lessons they’ve carried into adulthood.

Easter 2007
2007, Easter with her siblings

Today, Belen serves children as a daycare teacher at Hope Children’s Home. Who better to help these children feel safe, loved, and welcomed than someone who’s been in their shoes!

We recently asked Belen to share about her experience at Hope and how it prepared her for where God has her today.

Here’s what she said…

“I think for me, growing up in the home and now working in the daycare with the kids that are in the home…I know firsthand how important it is to take care of each other.”

Even though she does not have children of her own, Belen has been called to serve as a mother to so many precious children who need someone to stand in the gap for them.

“The children you grow up with become family to you. So, I think the biggest thing is to be kind to one to another and considerate of others’ feelings.”

We’re so grateful for friends like you who give so we can see lives transformed like Belen’s!

I want to help more children like Belen

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