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Annie & Maria

Annie & Mariah

These sisters were homeless and found peace at Hope.

Annie and Mariah light up every room they enter. Full of energy and joy, these two sisters love the home they’ve found at Hope Children’s Home Florida.

But it wasn’t long ago that home seemed like a dream they’d never know again.

The girls’ mother had lost her job at the hotel where the family lived. And without her job, she lost more than income. She lost their home.

Where do you go when your family loses the roof over their heads? What do you do when you can’t keep your children out of the rain or safe from the cold?

Annie and Mariah’s mom called Hope.

And thanks to support from generous friends like you, they were welcomed with open arms!

Imagine the relief this loving mother felt knowing that her children had a safe place to lay their heads at night. More than that, they had a place to learn, grow, and experience Christ-centered holistic care.

You provided this relief to Annie, Mariah, and their sweet mom… you gave them peace.

As Mariah says…

“Hope means a home for children to live in peace.”

Right now, the girls’ mom is working hard to get back on her feet. Until she does, her sweet girls can count on a home at Hope, thanks to your partnership and prayers.

I want to help rescue more children

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