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Meet our House Moms

House Moms

Learn what a "house mom" is and meet each of them from all three of Hope's locations.

We get asked a lot, “Who takes care of the children?”

So today, we’d like to highlight the amazing individuals who lovingly care for the children during their time at Hope.

We call them “House parents or “Cottage parents, and they are usually a husband and wife couple who live in the cottages with the children.

Most of them also have children of their own, and they do a great job balancing such large families!

They wear many hats just like you do, if you’re a parent. Hope truly could not be successful without these selfless people pouring into the children each and every day.

We’d like to highlight each “House Mom” at all three of Hope’s locations and allow you to hear from them!

Honduras Location, Brewer Cottage

Rachelle is not only a house mom, but she’s also one of our Campus Directors at our Honduras location. To say she wears many hats is an understatement, and she does it all with such grace!

Here are some of the joys of her job:

I love getting to do the small seemingly mundane things with the kids every day. It’s such a privilege getting to know them on different levels, from knowing what they like/dislike and things that make them laugh and cry, to working through the difficulties from their past and seeing the weight lifted off their shoulders when they finally begin to heal.

“We get to see the special moments that only happen inside a home where they feel secure and like they can fully be themselves and I don’t ever want to take that for granted!”

Florida Location, Lynnda Cottage


Her cottage is comprised of all boys including two of her own. She’s pretty famous around here for being an amazing cook!

Here’s what she said her calling means to her, “Being a mom means lots of hugs, laughs, lots of meals, and sometimes tears, but the memories are worth it all.”

Florida Location, Sanders Cottage


Here’s what she had to say about being a house mom: “What I love most about being a cottage parent is the opportunity to build relationships with the kids, point them to Christ, and watch them grow.

“So many of our kids have endured many heartbreaking losses and it’s a joy to be able welcome them into our cottage family and love them. Some days are long and hard, but it truly is so fun and rewarding to get to do life with these crazy kiddos.”

Florida Location, Courtney Cottage


She’s the house mom of an all-girl cottage. Here’s what she had to say about being a house mom,

“What I love most about being a house mom is that I get to guide these kids to the Lord and help them work through life’s hardships with a gospel lens that gives them hope and purpose in their lives.

“I love that we also get to create childhood memories that I hope they will recreate with their own families one day. Being a housemom is a call from the Lord that I don’t take lightly. Knowing God has chosen to trust me with this time in their lifes, I pray I show them Christ in all I do.”

Florida Location, Kforce Cottage


She and her husband, Joey, just welcomed their second child into the world, so they are crushing it as house parents to a full cottage PLUS managing two under the age of two in their own family!

Here’s what she said about being a house mom: “What I love about being a house mom is getting to create special moments with your kids that turn into memories and watch them grow spiritually and physically and see their personalities develop along the way.”

New Mexico Location


Here’s what Stephanie had to say about being a house mom, “I love being a house parent! I enjoy interacting with the kids and seeing their personalities grow and develop. I also enjoy reading to the kids and having devotions with them, along with the conversations and discussions that often follow.”

Honduras Location, Braun Cottage


Here’s what Diana had to say about being a house mom: “One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing children grow and being able to give them love, knowing them better, and being able to enjoy their company and crazy things too!

“I really enjoy their hugs, the moments of studying the Bible, and seeing their interest in knowing more about Jesus!”

New Mexico Location


Here’s what Julia had to say about the joys of being a house mom: “The best part I love about being a house mom are the hugs, talks, laughs, prayers and connections I have with the kids.”

Florida Location, Relief House Parent


Katie and her husband, Moises, are “Relief House Parents.” This is a unique position as they get to bounce around to different cottages and give the main house parents days off. This allows for them to get to know many of the kids at our Florida home.

Here’s what Katie loves about her job: “I love being able to be there to see the kids grow and learn everyday. Being able to help them do simple, everyday tasks like learning to read and write, or how to sweep and mop correctly and seeing how much improvement they make as the weeks go by.

“Their hugs are also something that I love! Not much can beat their big hugs and seeing their smiles of excitement. Or hearing them yell my name across campus and seeing them wave big!”

We are so grateful for these incredible women who are serving Jesus by investing in the lives of the children at Hope!

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