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Honduras Needs

Shipping items to us in Honduras is very difficult and costly.

To provide for our Honduras needs, please give at the button below, and we will use your gift to purchase the items here.

Thank you so much for providing for the children!

Thanksgiving Needs

  • 3 turkeys- $200 (These are pricey in Honduras!)
  • 3 Hams- $150
  • Fixings- $300

Grocery & Everyday Needs

Each month, we make one large grocery trip over an hour away to Pricemart (like Sam’s Club), where we get the bulk of our grocery and household items.

We then get our weekly necessities like milk, eggs, and bread at a small, local store.

Total, it costs about $2,000 each month for all of our grocery and everyday household items.

Current Other Needs

  • Meat for the month: $150
  • Christmas dinner: $300
  • Kids Christmas party: $300
  • Washer/ dryer for Braun cottage: $1,400
  • School lunches for a week: $540 ($20/week for 27 kids)

School Needs

Click here to see our School Needs


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