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5 Families Reunited!

One of the hardest things for children to go through as they come to Hope is being separated from their home.  Obviously, for many reasons, their home has somehow become broken, but to a child home is still home.

One of the number one goals for the children as they come into our care, besides a relationship with Christ, is to see them successfully reunited with their parent or caretaker. Fifteen years ago, the average stay of a child in our care was about 18 months.  Now it is between four and five years.  Why?  The breakdown of family is more prevalent now than even just a few years ago leaving the children with less chances of a successful reunification. 

Thankfully, even with the challenges we face, we see many children return home every year…this year being no exception.  In recent months, we’ve seen 11 children reunited with their families including our graduating senior!

We are so thankful for the partnership of friends like you! It’s because of that support, we are able to bring these children in when they need it most, give them a home, teach them about Lord, and see them reunited with their families!

The adjustment of going home can be a challenging transition as when they came to Hope.  Please look at their faces below and remember these children in your prayers that they would keep the Lord in the center of their life and they would not soon forget the life lessons they were able to learn while in our care!

Harmony & Liam - Tampa
Harmony & Liam  /  Florida Home
Mary & Maddie - Tampa
Mary & Maddie  /  Florida Home
Anthony & Jacob
Anthony & Jacob  /  New Mexico Home
Angelica - Tampa
Angelica  /  Florida Home
Family of 4 - Tampa
Family of Four  /  Florida Home

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