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3 Ways to Refresh your Family Goals for the New Year

by Dr. Mike Higgins

It seems that life today can be so fast-paced and complicated that many times, it becomes difficult to navigate, especially when trying to raise children! When we find ourselves a little overwhelmed with the task before us, I believe one approach is to “reset” to the basics in life.

Here are three areas that I would encourage you to do an inventory, and if a reset is needed, don’t delay until tomorrow, start today!

#1 Personal Devotions

There is no substitute for prayer and spending time in God’s Word. The fact is that we cannot have a relationship with God without them. It may sound a little harsh, but how can we have a relationship with someone if we don’t communicate with them?

God speaks to us through His Word, and we speak to God through prayer. God uses this personal devotion time to help us navigate the complexities of life.

I also recommend carving out a time for your children to have a personal devotion time as well. If your children are pre-reading age, then help them with their devotion time. If your children are readers, incorporate into their daily schedule a time and the resources, such as a devotional book. We practice this at Hope every morning (which I think is the best time) and call it “God and I time.”

#2 Family Devotions

Is your schedule as hectic and seemingly out of control as mine is sometimes? Having family devotions might sound difficult or impossible. Here are a couple of thoughts that may help. There is one consistent thing that all families do every night; they go to bed. I encourage you to determine, as a family, that you will sit down together before anyone goes to bed for the purpose of family devotions.

At Hope, we do this five days a week with the exception of Sunday and Wednesday, since we are in church those nights. It doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out preaching session. We take turns sharing a blessing from the day, and then each give one or two specific prayer requests. We read a portion of Scripture with an added comment for understanding, and close in prayer.

You can  even take turns on who will head up the devotions and who will pray so that everyone can engage. This brings a close to the day on a very positive, God-centered note.

#3 Attending Church

I believe the most important “family activity” of the week is going to church together. The best advice I can give here is to be faithful.Get involved not only personally, but also as a family.

Before coming to Hope, my family was always involved in bus ministry. I drove the bus, my wife was the captain, and our two boys were helpers. Because of our family serving together, our boys developed a love for under-privileged children, which has stayed with them in ministry to this very day.

Whether it’s singing, teaching Sunday School, working in Jr. church, or cutting the grass, find a place to serve and lock in!

In closing, I would encourage you to look at these three areas for your family and examine whether you were faithful and consistent in 2020. As you enter the new year,  take the position as Joshua did and determine, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”