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New Hope in Honduras
Escarleth & Briana’s Story

Escarleth & Briana

If you’ve been a friend of Hope Children’s Home for a while, you may remember Escarleth, who lived in our Honduras home for a number of years.

Back in 2018, Escarleth was reunited with her grandma, who had also taken in Escarleth’s younger sister, Briana.

It was wonderful to see the family back together, and the girls lived happily with their grandma for some time. But then, in 2020, tragedy struck.

Rachelle, one of the campus directors at Hope’s Honduras home shares the heart-breaking story:

“Escarleth’s grandma, who was the rock of the family, passed away from COVID in 2020. She left a gaping hole in their lives and the girls began to spiral downward very quickly.

Escarleth with her grandma

“We received a call saying that Escarleth and her sister were in a dangerous situation and needed somewhere to take refuge quickly.” 

Thanks to friends like you, hope broke in for the girls at this dark moment. Rachelle continues…

“Praise the Lord we were able to bring Escarleth and Briana in and remove them from danger.

“Escarleth adjusted easily to Hope since it was familiar, but Briana struggled for a while. She didn’t want to speak to anyone except her sister, and she didn’t eat much. ‘

“But recently we’ve seen a huge transformation in Briana. Now her smile lights up the room and we’re seeing her funny, goofy personality develop. And some days she can eat us out of house and home!” 

Today, Escarleth and Briana have new hope… all thanks to your generous support!

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