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Congratulations Angelica!

You helped give Angelica hope for the future


It’s always bittersweet when the Hope children graduate and head out on their next journey in life, but it’s so amazing to see the work God does through generous friends like you in each of their lives.

Angelica, one of the children at the Tampa home, is a great example.

She arrived at Hope in the summer of 2013, as her family faced some significant challenges and she needed stability. She was ten at the time, unsure what her future would look like, and wondering whether she had any value to offer. Here’s how she describes the years that followed:

“Being a ten-year-old little girl, I struggled with school and knowing my place in the world.

“Since being at Hope, I no longer struggle in school and I now know what the Lord has for me. I have been taught that the Lord loves me and that I am not a mistake.

“This May, I will be graduating from Hope and I plan to go to Florida International University for an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship.

“Please pray for me as I plan to leave shortly after graduation to embark on my college journey.”

It’s hard to recognize that frightened ten-year-old girl in the confident young woman Angelica has become today. She recognizes her value today because supporters like you made it possible for her to find a home at Hope and a savior in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your role in helping write stories like Angelica’s, and please keep her in your prayers as she enters into this exciting new season of life!

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