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Admissions FAQ

We are able to care for children age 0-17. The youngest child we have placed was 13 days old.
Yes. Placement is voluntary on the part of the parent. Parents sign a contract for placement granting Hope Children's Home the permission it needs to properly care for the child. Dad and Mom will always remain Dad and Mom and there is no fear of Hope Children's Home being able to remove your rights as a parent.
All of the children in our care live in cottages on our 55-acre campus. Each 4,000 square foot cottage is beautifully decorated with beds for up to 12 children. Every cottage has its own recreation area. Some have pool tables and shuffleboard tables, others have gaming areas, and one even has a movie theatre!
Absolutely! Keeping siblings together is one of the many things that we are proud to be able to do. We have placed families of 2, 3, 4, and all the way up to a family of 8. We would love to break that record and place an even larger family together! Because of our cottage design, we are usually able to keep siblings in the same cottage. If not, they will be next-door neighbors until we are able to fit them together in one cottage.
No, we are not able to accept insurance.
Our home is not designed to be a "lock-down" facility. We are not able to take children or teens with extreme issues such as drug addiction, sexual abusers, severe psychotic disorders, or violent history . However, we also understand that a bad environment, poor friend choices, or certain family situations can cause good children to act out in bad ways. Sometimes a child or teen just needs a change of environment to get back on track. In such cases, we can definitely help and have seen great success in the past. The best way to find out if we would consider a child is to contact us and discuss the situation.
Yes! Because our ultimate goal is to reunite families back together, family visits are an important part of our program. A visiting and phone call schedule is discussed with all parents at the time of placement.
Hope Children's Home receives it authority to operate under Florida statute 409.176. We are a registered agency through the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies which is fully recognized by Florida's Department of Chilren and Families (DCF).
Hope Christian School is fully accredited and recognized by the State of Florida. Grade levels completed and high school credits earned will transfer to any school. Diplomas given from Hope Christian School are nationally recognized.
We have so many GREAT donors that give to our organization, that we are able to help families in need based solely on what they can afford. For some families that could be full tuition, but for other families, that could be $25 a month. We are even able to offer help to families for no cost to the family. Our mission is not about making money, it is about helping families in need. We appreciate families that can pay, but we would never want a family not to contact us for help only because of finances.
We have our own private school, Hope Christian School, located here on our 55-acre campus.
The full room, board, and tuition is $1,754 per month.
At placement, we sign a 1-year contract. In our experience, this is the approximate time it takes for a family to be in a position where they are able to get their children back home. If necessary, children can stay longer if the situation is not resolved.