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So That Every Child Can Believe Again

Hope Children’s Home cares for neglected, abandoned, and abused children – loving them and equipping them for the future.

Here are four of the main ways we’re doing that...

Happy family

Providing Them with a Loving Family Environment

Every child needs a family – a loving group where their emotional well-being is met, meals are shared, and a godly home is modeled. They need the security and stability a family provides. Together with friends like you, Hope gives these boys and girls the family structure they need, ensuring each child receives unconditional love, discipline, and focused, intentional time so they can thrive!

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Meeting Their Physical Needs

Children who come to Hope are not juvenile delinquents, but children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a situation of needed rescue. Some children simply come out of a situation where a parent just needs a little help.

With the help of friends like you, Hope is here to provide the physical care many of them have been lacking. At Hope, they receive three meals a day, seven days a week. They also have the clothes they need, as well as their own bed and personal space. If any medical needs arise, those are met as well.

Bible study group praying together

Pointing Them to Jesus Christ

There’s nothing more important for our children at Hope than to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and a personal walk with God. That’s why we have personal and family daily devotional times and prayer boards in each of our dorms. We also prioritize church attendance as well as church activities like youth camps and Vacation Bible School for the boys and girls.

Our goal is for every child at Hope to know they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and a Savior who died for them—so they can live a life of bold faith long after their time at Hope.

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Providing Them with an Excellent Christian Education

Many of the children who come to Hope are struggling academically. So one of the keys to Hope’s success is that every child receives a top-tier Christian education to ensure each child has the opportunity to thrive, even if they’ve fallen behind. And because the curriculum is biblically based, every child consistently learns about their Heavenly Father who loves them.

Our school program in Florida has a 30-year track record of success. It begins in our Nursery and continues through the 12th grade. We are proud to say that over 95% of the students who graduate from Hope Christian School continue to college.

With your support, these guiding principles are enabling children across our three locations (Florida, New Mexico, and Honduras) to believe again – in themselves, and in a Father who loves them. And it’s been happening for more than half a century.

More than 55 Years of Helping Children Believe Again

Building a foundation of Hope that will endure for decades to come...


Hope Children’s Home begins as Florida Children’s Home in a small, three-bedroom house.


Hope moves to the property we have today in Tampa–which is now 55 acres!


Our Honduras location begins in El Progreso, Honduras.

The first of six “Cottages of Hope” is completed at our Tampa location.


Hope’s newest campus in Clovis, New Mexico is established.

A second cottage in Honduras is established.


In Tampa, we officially move all children out of the original dorms and into our Cottages of Hope.


Our new Bundles of Hope initiative is announced


Koleton, the first Bundles of Hope baby, comes to Hope Children’s Home


Our final cottage of the six cottages is completed, finishing the “Cottages of Hope” project in Tampa.

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