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Director’s Message

A message from our Executive Director, Dr. Mike Higgins

Since 1968, God has allowed Hope Children’s Home to reach children from desperate situations as a result of broken homes, parental drug & alcohol abuse, and poverty. The type of children we care for are not juvenile delinquents, but rather children that, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a situation of needed rescue.

The philosophy of Hope is simple. We provide each child with a stable, loving, and Christ-centered environment. As children develop a personal relationship with the Lord, it creates a change within their heart. We combine this change with a top-rated, excellent education, thus providing each child with the foundational structure needed to accomplish great things in their lives. We are very proud that 95% of our high school graduates go on to attend college.

While receiving no state or federal funds, we care for approximately 80-90 children on any given day from infant through high school. It is only through the generosity of people like yourself that we are able to undertake this enormous yet greatly needed responsibility. Please prayerfully consider how you may be able to partner with us in Rescuing The Next Generation!

For the Children,

Dr. Mike Higgins
Executive Director
Hope International Ministries