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Top 10 Photos for 2021

We thought it would be fun to see what photos our friends connected with the most on Facebook in 2021.

It’s humbling and exciting to see what God has done at Hope Children’s Home across all our locations.


Post Hurricane: Mother’s story with her 3 children

Mother in Need

In April, after the recent hurricanes in Honduras, a sweet mother and her three children walked several hours and knocked on the door to seek help.

They had lost everything and with no work available, they had not eaten for several days. She was desperate to get help for her children.

The mother felt if we could take the two oldest children that she and the youngest could make it. We were thrilled to share the love of Christ with this family and to welcome Melissa (10) and Yonny (8) into our care. 


NM Fence was completed!

NM Fence Completed

We issued a call for help late 2020, as we asked you to help provide $80,000 in order to fence the entire 17-acre property at our New Mexico location.

You stepped up and provided, and we now have a secure fence around our home! Not only that, but the staff has also been able to install an electric gate as well as purchase a couple guard dogs for added security.

Thank you for helping meet this very pressing need—and for providing a “hedge of protection” for our New Mexico family!

Maria got saved!

Maria got saved!

In April, 8-yr-old Maria in Tampa asked Jesus to save her!


Update from Carolina


In August, we heard an update from Carolina, one of our graduates in Honduras.

“Hello my name is Carolina and I have lived at Hope for 9 years. I recently graduated from high school and now I am working from home at a call center.

“My job is helping customers change or cancel their reservation at many large hotels so you might get to talk to me one day if you need to change your vacation plans!

“I plan to attend a university here in Honduras and study medicine with a specialty in neurosurgery. I am thankful to be able to still live at Hope and help out wherever I am needed.”


Thank You for the Easter Outfits

Easter Outfits

In April, our friends provided new Easter outfits for the children, and they were all smiles on Easter Sunday as they went to church in their new outfits! They loved shopping and taking family pictures!

Thank you for creating this special memory for the children.


Jadin Needed Prayer

Jadin Needed Prayer

In December, during our basketball game at our FL home, Jadin, a junior, suffered a traumatic dislocation and fracture of his ankle. He was brought to the hospital by ambulance, and after meeting with the surgeon, they determined he needed surgery. 

We asked for prayer for the surgery, quick healing, and complete recovery, so he can play basketball again. (If you knew Jadin, he LOVES basketball)

We were humbled by our friends who reached out telling us they were praying for Jaden. We can’t thank you enough!


Update from Elvin

Update from Elvin

In July, we heard an update from Elvin, one of our graduates in Elvin.

“Hi my name is Elvin. I live at Hope Children’s Home in Honduras and have been here for nine years.

“I just graduated this year, and I’m currently working as an intern here at Hope for a year. God willing, I’ll be attending Pensacola Christian College next fall with a major in nursing.

“Please pray for everything that this involves and that the Lord would guide my decisions and steps.

“My responsibilities are varied as an intern. I am helping with tutoring, piano lessons, cooking, watching kids and whatever else I am asked to do! Thank you for your prayers and support!”


Koleten Arrived: Our first Bundles of Hope baby!


In March, we shared an exciting update about Bundles of Hope that we were not anticipating!

For the first time in the history of Hope Children’s Home, we received a call regarding an unborn baby. The mother was pregnant, incarcerated, and knew she wanted a better life for her baby.

Our Executive Director and his wife went to the prison to meet with the mother, and she signed her unborn baby into our care.

Soon after she gave birth, Baby Koleten was officially brought in as our first baby in Bundles of Hope! God is so good!


Update from Johnny


In June, we heard an update from Johnny, one of our college students.

Hello all! My name is Johnny. I came to Hope in Tampa with my four siblings when I four years old and graduated in 2019.

“I’ve been attending Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado. While at college, one of the most important things that I learned from Hope that I used at school was that hard work will pay off. This school year, I was honored to receive the Rising Student Award because of my grades and my work ethic.

“Now that I am home, I look forward to spending time with my family and friends and I have also been given the opportunity to work here at Hope Children’s Home in Tampa as an intern doing outside and maintenance work.

“The last thing that I want to say is one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned since going to school is putting family first. As I was at my school, it was the phone calls and the letters that I received from my Hope family that allowed me to keep going and pushed me to do better. I’m thankful that God gave me family and friends that I can rely on to help me!”


Update from Belkis


In July, we heard an update from Belkis, one of our college students.

Hello, my name is Belkis! I am a senior nursing student at Pensacola Christian College. I had the privilege to grow up at Hope Children’s Home of Honduras.

“I loved first semester junior year! This semester consists of Maternity and Psychology rotations. I fell in love with maternity. I was able to assist in two deliveries while in this rotation. Spring semester of junior year has been the most challenging for sure!

“I was so happy when I was told I would be working with the children this summer at Hope. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the children and investing in their lives. It’s crazy to think that just over a decade ago I used to be just like many of them.

“Thank you so much for your prayers and support so far! I could not be where I am today without many on you!”

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